How to Avoid Putting Wrong Fuel in a Rental Car

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Anyone can make the mistake of using the wrong fuel in a rental car due to several factors, such as being distracted while at the filling station. However, several precautions can help you to avoid making that costly mistake when you rent a car. This article discusses some of those precautions.

Be Observant

Spare some time and study the fuel station before you fill up the tank of the rental car. This is especially helpful for people who are in a different country. The terms used to describe different kinds of fuel may differ from what you are used to. Observing the different pumps can give you the chance to select the right fuel to dispense into the tank.

Plan Ahead

Some people also end up dispensing the wrong type of fuel into a car because they are struggling to beat the deadline of returning that car to the rental company. In their rush, they just grab the nearest available hose and fill up the tank. Avoid this rush by planning in advance. View your map and identify the station from which you will refuel. Get there in time and select the right fuel type when you still have ample time to drive to the car rental office.

Hire a Petrol Engine Vehicle

People who own diesel engine vehicles may be more likely to use the wrong fuel in rental cars. This is because a significant number of rental cars run on petrol. The renter can therefore unconsciously select diesel when refuelling the rental car due to the person's familiarity with using that type of fuel. Selecting a vehicle with a petrol engine may safeguard you from using the wrong fuel since the nozzles of petrol dispensers are smaller than those of diesel. Picking the diesel dispenser accidentally will therefore jolt you back to reality since the bigger diesel nozzle will not fit into the opening of the fuel tank on a petrol engine car.

Check the Cap

The caps on the fuel tanks of rental cars usually indicate the type of fuel one should use in that vehicle. Refer to this cap each time you want to refuel the car. This habit will give you confirmation about the type of fuel which you should buy.

Don't panic when you realise that you added the wrong fuel to a rental car. Avoid starting the engine. Ask the attendants at the filling station to help you to push that rental car to a safe place before you notify the car hire company about the mishap. Do as they advise you so that the problem can be fixed quickly.

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