Understanding Car Servicing

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As you may already know, a car needs to be maintained to remain in mint condition for the longest time possible. This maintenance is referred to as car service or car servicing.

You can service your car yourself if you have experience or take it to a qualified mechanic for professional and high-quality work. The latter will always be recommended, especially for logbook car servicing. Here's what you need to know about car service:

What Is a Logbook Car Service?

Once you buy a new car, you will receive a warranty. The warranty will highlight different terms and also expect you to carry out specific car servicing processes. These processes are indicated in your car manual, meaning your car manufacturer recommends them — they are the logbook car service processes.

Failure to carry out logbook car service processes can void your warranty. However, don't just do it to avoid voiding your warranty; carry out logbook car service processes to increase your car's useful life and avoid expensive faults.  

Basic Car Service

You might already be aware that you need to have your oil changed after covering a particular mileage, usually 5,000, 7,000 or 9,000 miles.

Oil gets dirty, which can cause lubrication challenges that cause damage to engine parts. Changing it out regularly guarantees the longevity of your car's engine components. The oil, air and A/C filters are also changed during a basic car service.

Some cars might also require the topping up of fluids, like the transmission fluid — this is done during a basic car service. The mechanic will also check the level of your brake fluid and top it up if necessary.

Full Car Service

Sometimes, you might come across car mechanics offering basic and full car service packages. If you look closely, the full car service will include a car inspection that checks on more than just the basic things mentioned above (oil and filters).

It may include an inspection of your car transmission systems, suspension system, tyres, electronics, etc., and it might be more expensive than the basic car service. Though it might not be entirely necessary, a full car service may save you from incurring high car repair costs, especially when a problem is caught early and rectified before it becomes worse.

You also learn how to take care of your car and what different sounds or car symptoms mean. However, to get this information, you might want to closely watch your mechanic work and ask questions if you have any.

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