Truck Licences In Australia

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Would you want to become a truck driver? Could be you will to join the booming haulage industry in Australia. Read this guide to learn about truck licences in Australia. 

Types of Truck Licences

There are several types of truck licences in Australia.

1. Light Rigid (LR) Licence

A light rigid licence permits you to operate trucks with a gross vehicle mass (GVM) of 4.5 tonnes but less than 8 tonnes. The licence also allows you to drive buses with a GVM of less than 8 tonnes with a sitting capacity of more than twelve passengers. Applicants must have held a car licence for more than one year.

2. Medium Rigid (MR) Licence

This enables you to drive vehicles with a GVM of more than 8 tonnes with one or two axles. Holders of this licence can also drive medium rigid vehicles hauling a trailer with a GVM of less than 9 tonnes. Similar to the LR licence, you will need to have held a car driving licence for at least one year.

3. Heavy Rigid (HR) Licence

With the HR licence, you are allowed to drive vehicles with a GVM of more than 8 tonnes and more than three axles. Further, you can drive a bus with more than one rigid section. Licence holders can also tow a trailer with a GVM of less than 9 tonnes. To apply for this licence, your car driving licence should be at least two years old.

4. Heavy Combination (HC) Licence

The HC licence allows you to drive prime movers or rigid vehicles hauling trailers with a GVM of more than 9 tonnes. You will need a car driving licence (at least two years old), and MR or HR licence that is at least twelve months old.

5. Multi Combination (MC) Licence

This licence allows you to drive all classes of trucks and vehicles in Australia. Applicants should have held an HR or HC for at least one year.

Applying For The Course

Applicants that wish to acquire a truck driving licence should register at an accredited registered training organisation (RTO). It would be wise to conduct some background research to identify RTOs that have experienced and professional trainers that understand the needs of their students. Each course contains theory and practical sessions. After your training, you will undergo an assessment to gauge your proficiency. You are allowed a retake if you fail the test. 

You must be composed during your training and assessment. Conduct some internet research on truck operation and road safety to improve your chances of success.

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