Five Signs That You Need A Truck Wheel Alignment

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There are many causes of truck wheel misalignment such as driving over objects on the road, hitting potholes, and regular wear and tear on tyres and wheels. Here are five signs that you need a service to look at your truck wheel alignment.

1. You feel unusual vibrations

Feeling vibrations while driving your truck may seem like no big deal. But they could be a sign that you require a wheel alignment service. If your steering wheel is vibrating more than usual, it's a sign that you have un-balanced tyres or wheels that are misaligned.

2. Your tyres are getting eaten up

Constantly chewing through new tyres can be very expensive. So, it's best to make sure that your wheels are in alignment before any more tyres get eaten. If you noticed that your tyres are getting worn out and shoot up quicker than they should, then you may need a truck wheel alignment.

3. Your truck gets pulled to one side

If you were driving with a trailer on your truck, then an uneven pull may be dismissed as a sign of a trailer that hasn't been fitted correctly. While this may be the case, a trailer or truck pulling to one side is a sign that the wheels are misaligned. If your truck or trailer drifts to one side of the road and refuses to remain in the centre, then you could have misaligned wheels.

4. Your truck steering wheel is not centred

When your truck wheels are perfectly aligned, then your steering wheel should be straight. If you noticed that your steering wheel is crooked when you are driving straight, this is a dead giveaway that your tyres and wheels have gone out of alignment. If you also have noisy steering, it's a sign that you need to get this looked at ASAP. Steering is a huge safety concern, and driving a large truck with faulty steering is a road hazard.

5. You hear a squealing sound

If you hear a squealing sound coming from your truck tyres, this is another sign of bad truck wheel alignment. The squealing noise is caused by the wheels being misaligned. If you hear it while turning or accelerating, then it's a sign that you need your wheel alignment looked at.

The above are all signs that you need a truck wheel alignment. The simple rule of thumb is that if you think you need a wheel alignment, then get a wheel alignment. The risk of not getting a wheel alignment means that your tyres can get chewed up. You can talk to a friendly automotive specialist about truck wheel alignment today.

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