4 Ways to Save During Crane Hire

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It can be costly to hire, transport, set up and use a crane at your site. However, several measures can be implemented to keep many of those crane hire costs affordable. This article discusses some of those ways to keep costs manageable.

Hire a Rigger Early

You may be expected to hire a rigger separately when you rent a crane for your project. One way to keep crane rental costs affordable is by hiring the rigger early. That rigger will give you invaluable advice about how you should execute the lift. For example, he or she can estimate the most appropriate size of crane for your needs. This can save you from spending more money on a bigger crane which you didn't need.

Prep the Site

You should make sure that your facility is ready for the lift long before the crane is transported there. Do you need to remove a wall so that the load can have a clear path during the lift? Do you need to move some machinery so that there is ample clearance around the load which you want to move? Get advice from the rigger on the kind of site preparation required. This will save you from having to pay for unused hours just because the crane couldn't get to work as the site was being prepared.

Pick the Right Hours

It is always cheaper to rent a crane during the usual working hours. If you can, avoid scheduling a lift during off-duty hours. The rental charges are usually higher since workers have to be paid at overtime rates. Always build in a time cushion as you plan for lifts. For example, start the lifts as early as possible even if you expect the entire process to take a few hours. Starting early will ensure that any mishap can be addressed without having to do some of the work after regular work hours.

Be Flexible on Crane Selection

Another way to save money when you hire cranes is by considering the option of using multiple cranes. How can this help you to save? Crane rental fees usually go up in tandem with the size of the crane that you require. You can reduce the total cost of the rental by using a smaller crane for the initial aspects of your project. The bigger (and more expensive) crane can then be brought in just when it is required for the tasks which cannot be done by the smaller cranes.

Effective planning is the key to keeping crane rental costs affordable. Start the rental process early so that you can get expert help in planning the process well. The unnecessary costs will then be avoided.

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