3 Practical Steps for Installing Custom Exhaust Tips

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If you are interested in enhancing your vehicle by improving your exhaust, you should think about installing custom exhaust tips. These elements will add style to your automobile, boosting the general appeal of the rear profile. You should remember that the tip is the only part of the exhaust system that is visible. Therefore, it is essential that the unit looks good. Here are practical guidelines to help during the purchase and installation of new custom exhaust tips.

Measure for the Exhaust Tip

You should measure your exhaust pipe before ordering your custom tip from your chosen fabricator. The right dimensions will guarantee that the unit fits into the system without complications. If you make your order without proper measurement, you might need to pay more for modification, and the wrong tip can damage your tailpipes. You should measure the diameter of the tailpipe. This measurement will be critical in obtaining an exhaust pipe which will connect smoothly.

You should also measure the bumper cut-out through which the tip will fitted during the installation. It is crucial for you to order a tip which will fit into the existing space. If the tip is too large, you might need to expand the cut-out in the bumper, and this process can be expensive and challenging. The last measurement is the ideal length of the exhaust tip. The tip should be long enough for visibility, but it should not protrude so much that it becomes a safety hazard.

Choose Your Tip Style

You should determine the best style for your custom exhaust tips before making your order. Your choice will have an impact on the visual impact of your vehicle. There are different shapes to evaluate and compare: square oval and round. The right choice should depend on your preference and the shape of your bumper cut-out. You should also evaluate the material choices for custom exhaust fabrication. If possible, you should opt for stainless steel. The material is a little expensive, but it is long-lasting in comparison to alternatives like chrome.

Install Your Exhaust Tip

The exhaust components in automobiles tend to become hot during operation. Therefore, you should ensure that your vehicle is completely cool before beginning the installation of the exhaust tip. Clean off the exhaust pipe with a rag and light lubricant. Then, you should slide the custom tip into position. If there is resistant, you should use some grease for lubrication. Also, you can cover the back end with a towel and lightly tap into place using a rubber mallet.

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